Thursday, February 23, 2012

MeVille to WeVille and Equals Math

Today I was able to go to a workshop put on by a local assistive technology company.  I love going to workshops.  You get so many great ideas.  I always feel invigorated after coming home from one with new ideas.  Unfortunately they are expensive ideas.   They showcased a couple of products that I would love to get.   The first was MeVille to WeVille.
 students with learning disability
It's a literacy curriculum designed for student using augmentative communication.  The second was Equals Math.  Its an age neutral math curriculum.  Again, adapted for my population.


They both looked really good and I have a couple of students in mind that I think they would be great for.  Has anyone used these?  Are they worthwhile?  Useful? Easy to use?  Any insight would be great.


Karlie said...

I have Equals math....and it is sitting in my cupboard....I looked at the manual for a week straight, printed some worksheets....and it has been sitting in my cupboard for a year since then (please don't tell my student services director). I don't feel it is appropriate for my students. I have an EBD classroom with one CD student and a couple LD students. So I create a lot of their curriculum.

However, I didn't go to a workshop to learn how to use it. One of my friends, who teaches at another school LOVES it.

If you end up ordering it, I'd love to hear how you implement it, and maybe I can snag some ideas from you!!! Good luck with your decision:)

We are ALL Special!

Mary said...

You are such a blessing to the classroom!

Unknown said...

I have Equals in my classroom and have mixed feelings about it. It is quite appropriate for many learners with moderate to significant learning needs, but it is extremely labor intensive to set up.

Printing worksheets, making sure you ahve the correct picture cards, sometimes I feel the manual does not match the materials available. I wnated to get this program but am not convinced it works better than creating my own materials.

If there is a training session in your area I recommend you attending, I was not able to go to one yet, but I'm hoping I will soon!