Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy March Break

I'm on March Break this week and it is going way too.  A week just isn't long enough to fit everything in.  I took my boys to see the movie "John Carter" earlier in the week and it was fabulous.  This afternoon we are going to a local country store to see the baby chick.  The van also got a much needed clean out.  In the next few days I have a huge giveaway to announce for reaching 500 followers.


Unknown said...

woo! 500! Way to go!

Ms. Rachel’s Room

Kimberlee Fulbright said...

congrats on 500 followers - amazing - I can see why!! Just found your blog & love what I see - would like to present this award to you (could not see if you already had this one): - Have a lovely day:)

Two Fulbright Hugs
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