Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bright Ideas: Expectation Organization

 I say this every year, truly I do, but this year I am determined to be organized.  

So my Bright Idea for this month is how I display my expectations and "I can" statements each month.

I put each of the overall expectations for both language and math in a page projector and attached them with hooks to the doors of my cupboard.

I used links to attach the "I can" statements to the bottom of the page protectors.  (I punched holes in the bottom of them).

I only display the "I can" statements that the children are working on for the current month.  If there are two or more "I can" statements for the month, I put them one after the other.

I keep the rest of the expectations in the page protector behind the overall expectation card.  The card hides them nicely and I always know where they are.

Here are all the expectations on the cupboard. Nice, neat and organized.

I hope you enjoyed this bright idea.
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VogelE said...
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VogelE said...

Where did you get your posters? I am looking to do something similar in my classroom with my standards.

Jennifer @ Simply Kinder said...

Love the little linky-do's!!!!

Jennifer with Simply Kinder

Once Upon A Classroom said...

The posters look so great!!! I love that you found a way to organize them that works so well for you!!!

Unknown said...

The posters look to be something I could use in my class. I teach kindergarten and the I can statements would be helpful Where did you find them, or did you make them?

A Special Kind of Class said...

I did not make the expectation charts. They can however be found here: