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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Concert

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas. I type surounded by boxes and papers and opened games.  Hmm.....maybe I'm putting off doing some Christmas cleaning.....

I thought that I would share with you what my class did for our Christmas concert for the parents on the last day.

This year we decided that each class would take a turn and do a little something for the parents.  So, what to do?  Sing a song?  I have 3 students that don't talk.   Do some actions to music?  I have 4 students that don't have sufficient motor skills to do actions.  Then I saw Deanna Jump's Happy Holidays free emergent reader post.  I thought it was perfect. 

We made decorations for each of the pages of the book.  We either had the children hold up their picture when it was their turn or we mounted the pictures on the back of their wheelchair.

 Each child had one or more lines in the story.  When it was their turn, they said their line and held up their picture.  For my non-speaking students, we programmed a couple of Step by Step Communicators with their lines and hooked them up to switches so that they could activate them.  Two students used head switches and one accessed it directly with their hand.

 For the last line in the book, they had to draw a picture of their family.  We pasted this on the back of the other picture they had so they just had to turn the picture over for the last line.  We had all the children say the last line together.

Thanks Deanna for the wonderful inspiration for our concert.  The parents loved it and our speech pathologist was overjoyed that we were using some of the skills that we have been learning in a real live situation.    You can check out Deanna's orginal blog post here.
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