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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer to do list Linky Party

Littlest Learners is having a summer to do list linky party.  Here is mine.

1. Be more organized. I think I say this every year, but it's true.   I would like to have September all planned out.   I never seem to have enough time to get organized so hopefully the summer will give a good chunk of time.
2. Investigate the Daily 5.  I have ordered it from the library because I'm not sure that it will be suitable for my types of students.  I believe it is similar to our 4 Blocks. Does anyone use Daily 5 with kindergarten? I'm wondering if it is possible to do with a group of special needs students?  It looks like next year's class will include 3 children with no speech at all. Could the Daily 5 be adapted this way? Any suggestions would be welcome.
3. Revamp my current 4 Blocks method of literacy instruction (if Daily 5 won't work).  My kids are great with sight words but I'd like to work on my word families and blending. 
4.  I'm joining in the Math Stations Work Group Blog Party and I'm so excited.  I have my copy of the book (I had to get the e-book as getting it in Canada was challenging).
5. Make more items for my TpT store.
6. Make more accessible books for my non-verbal students.
7. Brush up on my switch accessible software.
8. Relax.
9. Enjoy my children and husband.
10. Visit with friends.


Mrs. C said...

We have lots in common!


vgw said...

The math book is GREAT! I finished it in 2 days - has many applications to our students. Not sure they will ALL be able to do the stations independently, but love the ideas. I see you interactive books being a big part of the stations!

Unknown said...

I just found your blog- love it!
I teach a first grade inclusion class. I use the daily five and love it! It will have special modifications depending on your students, but definitely worth looking into.
Teaching Happily Ever After

Unknown said...

I teach a self contained special ed class and am debating investigating the daily 5 as well as Math stations.

Maybe we could read up on daily 5 and share thoughts?


Tammy said...

I work with children who have communication challenges, some whom are non-verbal. Teaching literacy to these students is so very important. I highly recommend the daily 5 for ALL students. Resources that have been helpful to me: Effective Literacy Instruction for Students with Moderate or Severe Disabilities by Susan R. Copeland & Elizabeth Keefe; Children with Disabilities: Reading and Writing the Four-Blocks Way Karen Erickson and David Koppenhaver. Month by Month Reading and Writing for Kindergarten Systematic, Multi-level Instruction by Dorthy P.Hall and Patricia M. Cunningham. A Land We Can Share Teaching Literacy to Students with Autism by Paula Kluth and Kelly Chandler Olcott.
Thanks for your great blog!!!