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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Top 10 Reasons you know it's Back to School Time

Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits is having a linky party.  The Top 10 Reasons you know it's Back to School Time.  Even though I don't return for a few weeks, I know it will come up quickly.

Here is my list.

10. I'm  starting to have classroom dreams.  I arrive at school and my room is too small (I mean a closet) or I have 50 students or no one shows up etc.  Nightmares more than dreams really.

9. The car is full of things that need to go back to school.  I just haven't got there yet.

8. I have a stack of receipts for things I've bought over the summer.

7. I've been doing more "school work" than my kids.

6. I've been planning on what to set my alarm at to slowly ease into getting up early.

5. We attended "mouth guard clinic" and registered for hockey.  A sure sign of fall.

4. I'm starting to panic that I'm not going to have time to do all the things we had "all summer to do".

3. I'm spending all my free hours planning for the first month of school.

2. My To-Do list is getting longer.

1. I've been arranging and re-arranging my room in my head trying to figure out what the best layout would be and stalking everyone's blog who is putting up pictures of their room already.

Head on over to Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits to link up for your top 10.


Unknown said...

Fantastic!! I was so excited to see my button on your blog and on TBA etc... You made my day! Best of luck with your new school year. I know those back to school nightmares are so awful!

Allison Ford said...

Haha... Your number 10 reason for going back to school made me laugh. :) I'm a special ed resource teacher and my classroom literally is a closet (an 8 by 6 closet with no real window). Better than being stuck in the hallway, I guess!

Jen's OT for Kids said...

Too funny! I work as an occupational therapist in schools and I get excited if a actually get a closet to work in instead of the hallway =) Good luck....looks like we're all feeling the same pain!

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