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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bye bye penny

On Monday Canada started the process of getting rid of the penny.  Stores no longer give or take them during cash transactions.  The bill will either be rounded up or down depending on the amount.  What does this mean for us teaching money in the class?  I'm not sure.  For now, it is still part of our curriculum and I think it will take awhile of them to disappear, so I will still continue to teach the penny.  Next year, I'm not sure.  How does this affect our teens with disabilities trying to learn skills for independent living?  It's hard enough to teach money but to then teach that the total will be rounded up or down is going to be really confusing. Will stores change their prices so the total will be a 5 or 10?  It will be interesting to see how it will all work out as we move forward.


Unknown said...

Wow! That is a lot to think about. Wow. I had no idea that y'all (Canadians) were doing that. I have a special needs son (in first grade) and that idea scares me too. I think it would be very hard to teach unless everything goes up to an amount that ends in 5 or 0. If that were to happen, it might actually be easier. In second grade, we have a hard time showing kids how to count on with pennies after they have counted all their fives. That is so interesting to think about. I am so glad I read your blog today or I would not have known this was happening at all.


Karlie said...

WOW! That's crazy! Thank you for my worldly news update;) Seriously, my mind is reeling, and I am in the US, and I'm just thinking....how long till they do the same thing here??? I hope you keep us updated on how that effects you're teaching:)

We are ALL Special!

Unknown said...

HI! WOW! I cant believe yall are getting rid of the penny! That is a lot to think about! That would be very difficult for special needs students! Thanks for sharing!