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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Have you got Spirit?

When I'm not teaching, you will usually find me at the arena.  And as a hockey mum I watch a lot of hockey; both, my own two boys and of course, the NHL on TV.  You can't be Canadian and not love your hockey.  My boys are both goalies. Talk about stressful.

These are pictures of them from last year.

I lot of people think that children with special needs can't play organized sports.  They can't be more wrong.  Around the country there are lots of special needs hockey teams (and other sports for that matter).  When we watched the hockey game on TV on Saturday, Don Cherry showed the most inspirational video I've seen in a long time.  If you are a hockey lover, or even a sports lover, you will love the following video.  Even if you don't like sports you need to watch this clip entitled "Spirit".  This is the true spirit of hockey.


The Kinder Garden said...

Even though I live in a place that is pretty much the complete opposite of Canada (I live in Arizona!)... I share your love of hockey! It's the best sport and I am a die-hard Coyotes fan. :) That video was so great! Thanks for sharing.


Sandra said...

I am a hockey mom and have made many trips to Canada over the years to watch my son play hockey. He played through college and still plays recreationally. I am going to show him this video. He is now 28 and coaches several teams. People sometimes think of hockey players as big and tough, but this video is so inspirational. A true teammate. I am a new follower.

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