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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bright Ideas #3

Ever wonder what you can do with those water bottle lids that get thrown away?  You can use them in your literacy centers.  The kids love using them and they don't cost a thing.  You can use a marker to write on them or buy alphabet stickers to put on them.

I grabbed these stickers at Walmart for $3.  You might be able to find some at the Dollar store.  I had to use a glue stick to help keep them down as the stickiness was not quite sticky enough.  Using the stickers was a little neater than me printing on them.

With my high kids we use them to make words.  I call out a CVC word and they look for the letters to make the word.  They are getting really good at this.  I also cover my eyes and have them make a word.  I then try and "guess" the word that the made.

This is also great for changing just one letter in a word.  For example, the vowel.  If we take away the "a" in "sat" and change it for an "i", what do we get?  It's easy to switch letters out and around.  Use only the letters sounds you are working on and add letters as you go.

My middle group is working on capital and lowercase letters.  
We have been ordering them.  

And matching them.

My lower group has been working on recognizing lowercase letters.  I bought a chip tray at the Dollar store and had the children sort the letters.  For those that needed it, I taped the target letters on the tray (not shown in the picture).

The last activity was for all my groups.  The words were just different depending on the group.  This activity was the same as the one above only we used words instead of letters.  I wrote the words with a Sharpie.  The don't look as professional as the letters.

I hope you enjoyed this bright idea.
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Kathy Griffin said...

I have so many of these but do not like writing on them. These stickers solve that problem. It's the little things that make activities more successful. Thanks for sharing your "Bright Idea."

Kathy Griffin said...
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Elizabeth said...

I love that you use stickers for this! So smart. Thanks for sharing this great tip!
Fun in Room 4B

Ms. Chrissy B said...

Great post! I have a whole shopping bag full of these - now I'm ready to use them :) Shared this post on facebook!

Buzzing with Ms. B

Anonymous said...

I did this with letters, words as well as numbers. Might I suggest putting a small dollop of hot glue on the cap before placing the sticker on it. I had a lot of stickers fall off just from normal wear and tear. Now they're on for good. You can also have your local Starbucks collect bottle caps if you don't have a lot of water bottles.