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Monday, September 29, 2014

The Book Whisperer - Chapter 2

This week is Chapter 2 of our book study on "The Book Whisperer" by Donalyn Miller. 

   The Book Whisperer.png

If you don't have the book already,  you can grab it here.

The second chapter talks about the different types of readers.  

Miller changed the negative labels of "struggling readers" and "reluctant readers" to "developing readers", "dormant readers" and "underground readers".

 In the chapter she describes each of these types of readers and how each of them can be successful lifelong readers.

As a child, I was the "underground reader".  I hid the book I was reading in my desk, I raced through the book I HAD to read to get to my book and I read wherever I was.

I really like that the author gives the children a survey about their interests to find out what types of books might interest them.

Since I teach kindergarten I offer my students lots of types of books and have them "look at" and pick books that peak their interest.

Hopefully I can instill the love of reading in them for an early age.

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Barbara said...

I love that you're giving them choice. Even such at young age!

Sandi said...

I was an underground reader too. My mother was worried because I took my book in the car with me where ever we were going. A couple of pages was better than looking out the window or fighting with my brother.