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Friday, March 27, 2015

Easter Dollar Store Finds For Fine Motor Skills

So I was at the Dollar Store the other day and saw the cutest Easter games that I thought would be perfect for working on fine motor skills.

This one is very simple.  You put the bunnies in the holes and there is one hole empty.  You have to jump a bunny and then remove the bunny that was jumped.  The object of the game is to leave only one bunny on the triangle.  It is pretty challenging so if you have younger children it's great fine motor practice to just take the bunnies in and out of the holes.

This game is perfect for children who like tic-tac-toe but have a hard time printing the X's and O's.  Children use the plastic pieces to play the game instead.  Again, if your children are too young, just have them put the X's and O's in the little spaces and then take them out again.

Now this game was quite challenging and would be perfect for children who are working on refining their fine motor skills.  First we had to build a bunny tower.

Then, we had to roll a coloured dice and remove the same coloured bunny with the little hook.  Oh, and you can't let the tower fall.

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