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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Brown Bear - Day One

This is one of my favourite books by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle.  It's such a classic and its predictable text make it perfect for beginner readers.  There are so many concepts that can be worked on with special needs kids: colours, animals, and the sight words "I" and "see".

When I do this book I usually spend an entire week on it, concentrating on something different each day, while building on the knowledge gained from the day before.

On the first day, we read the story several times, taking note of the animals and their colours.  Most of the children have heard this story before and are very familiar with it.

Once I'm sure that the children are comfortable with it,  I have the children make the sentence "I see a ......." as I read each page.   At first I model the sentence along with them and then as they become more confident, they can often do it by themselves. 

Even at this early stage, we work on punctuation. 

Velcro helps keep the words and pictures in place.

To finish up on the first day, I have the children make a little book to take home.  I have a couple of different versions but today I decided to have them do a cut and paste where they needed to find the correct word to fill in the sentence.

Cut and paste activities are perfect for children with poor fine motor skills.  Having them glue the right answer in the sentence allows you assess their understanding without relying on printing skills.

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