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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Bright Ideas - May

Non slip mats are an essential part of a special education class that has children with physical disabilities and low tone or poor fine motor skills. This is a non slip mat that can be purchased inexpensively at the Dollar Store.  It's easy to cut into any size you want.

Here are a few ways we use it.

For children with low tone, they often have trouble staying in their seat.  These are the kids that keep sliding out.  A little square on the seat under their bum helps them stay put.

A little square under bowls and plates, stops them for sliding around the table while children are trying to eat.

We roll up a small piece around a pencil to make a pencil grip.  You can make it as thick as you want.  The texture gives feedback to those who need it.

Putting a piece under toys and games will help them stay put while children are using them.  This was our egg spinner from Easter.

The last tip I have for you is to use it use technology.  I keeps the laptops and ipads on the table and off the floor.

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Whimsy Workshop Teaching said...

I really love the idea for under the ipads! I will be doing this for sure as they are always sliding out of little hands. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Love how this idea can be adapted for many different classroom uses.

Pennie said...

One more fantastic use...put some in the bottom of whatever containers you use for manipulatives. It really cuts down the noise when the kids are putting things away.

Sally said...

I'm thinking this might be helpful for those kiddos who use slant boards with white boards. Now you have my mind going! Thanks for sharing!

Sally from Elementary Matters

Kelly McFarland said...

Wow! I've never really used non-slip liners in the classroom and loved hearing about ways to use them. Plus they are so cheap! Score! Thanks for sharing. :)

Lattes and Lunchrooms

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