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Friday, July 8, 2011

Pet math station activities

My Pet Math Unit is ready.  This is first unit that I am going to do with my kids in September.  I'm still working on the literacy unit.
It includes eight activities.

A sorting activity.  Children can sort by colour and size.  Math talk cards are included.

 Adding and Subtracting story mats.   Use real manipulates or the pictures provided to act out adding and subrtacting stories.  Includes a response sheet.

Printing practice for numbers 1 to 10.

 5 and 10 frames.  Children use the 5 and 10 frames to help them count the number of fish in the tank.  They then put the right answer in the box. 
 Ordering numbers from 1 to 10

 Patterning.  Includes sample strips for children who need a model or are working on extending a pattern.  Includes math talk cards.
 Counting.  Children put the correct number of fish into the tank.
 Comparing.  Children give the second cat more, less or the same number of toys as the first cat.  Includes math talk cards.

My Pet math unit is available from my TpT store.

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