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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Plants Need

We continue to monitor our plants and are keeping a sharp eye on them to see how they are growing. 
We have been filling out our charts every 5 days.

 Now that they have grown a bit, we talked about what plants need to grow.

My non-verbal children got a communication board with the symbols that we would be using.

Each child got one of these sheets to fill out.

Together we made a chart with what plants need.

The children had to cut out the correct symbol and word to make their sentence.

For my students that could print, I had them print out their responses.

1 comment:

Miss Angel said...

Lucky your plants actually grew! I did a very similar unit, but our plants never grew. Luckily the speech teacher also did a planting activity with them, so they got to see something grow anyways!