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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Open House

Tomorrow is open house.  I can't wait.  It's the day I get to met all the students in my class next year.  Since most of our students only stay with us a year, I usually get a whole new bunch each year.  Two of students for next year have already been at the school but in other classes and the others are all new.  With them, they bring a wide variety of abilities and skills.  I know that they will be teaching me next year too.  I have not worked with students without any sight and I have not had a full time nurse in my room in a few years.  I will also be working with two new educational assistants. 

I think it will be a year of firsts and of new experiences.  I'm looking forward to it.

What type of students are you getting next year?  Do you get the same students for several years?  I would love to hear from you.


ashley said...

I think it would be really nice to already know exactly who I would have in my class next year. I have eight students returning to me, but statistically should have around 6 children placed with me during the year as they are identified and evaluated. I teach K-2 (and some 3rd next year,) so my students usually stay with me for a few years unless they aren't identified until grade 2.


Karlie said...

That is really cool! Is this something special you do, or does your whole school do open house now? I'm leaving the school I have been at for 2 years, where I would typically have the same kids for up to 5 years. Now, I'm moving closer to my family and boyfriend and will have kids for a maximum of 3-4 years. All these changes are exciting (but nerve racking) I love the positive attitude you have about all this change:) Hope the open house goes well!

We are ALL Special!

Teaching for Tomorrow said...

I am moving into a class I previously (3 years ago) taught next year. I will have 3 of the same students as before with 5 new students to me!! The class I'm moving to is a self-contained class for student with significant, severe or multiple disabilities. The class grouping stays together for 6 years. I'm super excited for the new challenge!!! I had the opportunity to go to ATIA in Florida this past January and I think I have some new "tools" in my tool belt to do it better than I did 3 years ago!

Anonymous said...

Do your students only stay in your classroom in particular for one year, or is that how long they're at your school/program? That's a great idea to have an open house for incoming students!

I have had mostly the same group of students for 3 years now, and will probably have them for a few years more. There will be a few changes due to move ins or move outs, or switches to different programs, but unless my principal moves me to a different classroom my kiddos are staying put for a while. We move kids on for ratios only (so if younger students come to the school, the oldest in classes move up, etc.) and my class is a more specialized subset in our school so we don't move much.

I really love this group of students I have, so I've loved having them for so long. It's really nice to be able to begin a new school year with little to no transition issues, and knowing all students' programs well. On the other hand, it does get difficult as I can't reuse as many of my materials from year to year as I would if I got a different set of students each year.