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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Book Study

This summer I'm joining in with a few of my teacher bloggy friends to do a book study on the The Daily 5 and CAFE.  I'm just starting to read The Daily 5 and I'm really enjoying it.  While I read, I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to do some of the components of the program with my students.  For example, how does a child that can't talk do "read to others".  I know I can program some augmentative communication devices with pages of a book, but will it be authentic? 

For all of you out there in special ed., have you tried Daily 5?  I would love to hear from anyone who has experience with this program.


Jessica Ann Stanford said...

I really need to pick these up!! Where do you grab yours? The bookstores near me look at me crazy when I ask for them.

Jessica Stanford
Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog

A Special Kind of Class said...


I got mine at my local Scholar's Choice store. I would think that any teacher store would have them. Good luck.


Unknown said...

You will L O V E, love daily 5 and CAFE! You can really make it what you want/need. For Read to Someone I made that my buddy room time at first. I had students from 3rd grade reading with my kinders and my kinders had to track to words with their buddy. The check for understanding is a big part of read to someone and programming the devices for that would totally be authentic.

The free ebook is still up on the publisher's site for CAFE http://www.stenhouse.com/emags/0728/pageflip.html
Amazon sells both books http://www.amazon.com/The-Daily-Five-Gail-Boushey/dp/1571104291

Claire said...

I'm glad you posted this because I am wondering the same thing! I have a class of kids with moderate to severe disabilities (physical/speech and intellectual) and I want to try the Daily 5, but I'm just not sure it can work for my kids.

Kelsey said...

Hi Amanda,

I'm a special ed teacher as well. I find this challenging as well. I haven't read "Daily 5" yet but it's on my summer reading list. One way I have my students read to others is by creating digital books and using text-to-speech software. I know that the students isn't "reading" but they are participating in the activity. When I "test" their reading I use the aug.com. device and have the student create the sentence. That way I know they are "actually" reading. The problem with doing this with the whole class is that I takes most of my students a super long time to create each sentence due to fine and gross motor delays. I find that my other kiddos are not patient enough to wait and their attention is lost.

Sarah said...

I would LOVE to join you guys. Our school is making the transition too -- I have the two books on my night stand and also have the same questions w/ AC devices! HOW DO YOU KNOW!?

Can I join?
Sarah (gen ed tch)

marianne said...

Hi! I was excited to see your post about improving reading instruction in a special education classroom with moderate to severe students. I have been teaching a self-contained classroom for ten years and always seem to struggle with reading as my population changes along with the diversity of disabilities. I just ordered the books and hope to have them by the 8th. I look forward to reading about everyone's ideas and sharing some too!

scrapsalot said...

Hi Amanda
I have used the Daily 5 in my IM class last year. I liked it. This year I am on an IO class and I have introduced reading to self using the building stamina approach and even with these kids who are still learning to read it has worked. I would recommend giving it a go.