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Monday, July 16, 2012

School memory linky

I'm linking up with Simply Kinder for a school memory linky party.

The question is:  What do you remember about kindergarten or about the grade in which you teach?

Wow, kindergarten for me was a long time ago.  I'm surprised that I still remember it. I attended junior and senior kindergarten in Toronto.  It was an open plan school so there were no walls really between the classes.  I guess that was the big thing in the 70's.  I only remember a few things about those early years.

* I used to say the Lord's Prayer really fast so that I could sit down first.
* There were dividers all over the place sectioning off the school (I guess the teachers didn't think much of the no walls concept)
* According to my mother, I bit someone.  I don't know what happened,  I don't remember biting anyone.  Thankful I don't still bite.

In the summer before grade one we moved out of the city.  Grade one was in a new school and the only thing I remember is the teacher throwing my colouring away and making me redo it because I hadn't coloured in the same direction.  I guess it was messy.

Boy have times changed.  I think now about the things that I do in my classroom.  What will my students remember?  Have I made their time with me special enough for them to remember?  I hope so.

Head on over to Simply Kinder and see what other people remember about their early school years.  What do you remember?



Jessica Ann Stanford said...

hehe I love these stories!

✏ Mrs. Stanford's Class ✏

Mrs D said...

I would have hated no walls too, where would you put anything?

Reading with Mrs. D
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