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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chapter 2: The Next Step in Guided Reading - Freebies

This week's chapter is all about assessment  Here are the questions to think about.  

Below are the assessments that I use to test letter knowledge and sight words.  Each pack is free and they include instructions for testing children with little or no verbal skills.

At this stage I don't do dictated sentences.  Most of my children have little letter knowledge and poor fine motor skills so I don't think that this would be useful for me to do.  I don't really do a writing sample but rather a printing sample.  I have the children print their numbers and letters and their name each month so that I can see progress over time.  You can find the link below.  It is a paid product.

I do complete running records once the children have enough sight word knowledge.  I usually use the PM Benchmark kit.  This kit has a comprehension section so I usually use that.

I usually use my own assessments every day and I do a running record every couple of months or if I feel a child needs moving to the next level.  I don't usually introduce the text used in the assessment but I do try to make sure that the bulk of the words are part of their sight vocabulary.  I've never had the student read the text silently first, I usually do a picture walk.  If the student asks for help, I tell them.  I check to make sure that they remember what I told them the next time they see the word.  If I have to keep telling them, we need to work on it.  I usually ask a lot of questions when we read stories to check for comprehension.  When the books become too easy,  I usually do a running record to decide if a child needs to move up.

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