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Friday, July 4, 2014

Daily 5 Book Study - Chapter 8 and a Freebie

It’s time for the Daily 5 book study again.  If you don’t have your copy of the book, you can click on the link below to grab it.

This week is Chapter 8 and this is a new topic for the Sisters. 
The Math Daily 3.

The three rotations of math are:
Math by myself
Math with someone
Math writing

The past few years I’ve been fairly happy with my literacy block but my math block, not so much.  Last year I did a calendar binder and loved it. 

I think I’ll do that again next year but I haven't been able to coordinate my math centers as well though.

I had planned centers, and the children choose which one to go to but I didn’t have the opportunity to work with small groups and I didn’t have the greatest assessment procedure.  I didn't have a way to focus on those kids that needed extra help.

The Math Daily 3 is the same management system and works the same way as the Daily 5.  It starts with a short focus lesson and then the children go to a rotation.  When the children’s stamina starts to wane, they are brought back together for another focus lesson. This is repeated for the three rounds. 

The math differs in the fact that it uses the gradual release method.  The first focus lesson concentrates on “I do”, the second lesson focuses on “We do” and the third lesson focuses on “You do”. This slowly makes the children more independent while again giving you the opportunity to have the children actively engaged while you are working with a small group of children.  I’m hoping that this will give my math block the “umph” it needs.
The Math 3 also uses the same method of learning; the 10 steps to independence and I-charts; as the Daily 5.

I have made up I-charts for the Math 3 that coordinate with the I-charts for the Daily 5.  You can grab them for free by clicking on the picture below.

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Unknown said...

Great advice for teaching math! I wanted to invite you to join in on my special educator bloghop. I'm hoping to get advice from other special educators as next year will be my first year in special education!

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