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Monday, July 13, 2015

Math Manipulative Monday - Dominoes

Today's manipulative is dominoes.  Dominoes come in all sizes.

There are big ones in various colours. 

Small ones with indented dots

And ones with raised shapes that are perfect for children with visual problems.

They can feel the shapes

Or if you have regular dominoes, they can feel in indentations.

Dominoes are great for matching the number of dots and for recognizing "how many" without having to count.

Dominoes also come with pictures.

You can match by shapes.

Or by colour.

I made this domino board for my calendar books.
My children that cannot print, use this board.

I have a different sheet for my printers.
They will draw the dots and print the numbers.  

Every day during calendar I would pick a domino.
The children would have to copy the domino on the left hand side.

We would then make the corresponding equation on the right and then add up the dots to get the total.

1 comment:

JoAnn said...

Do you have a place I can purchase your Domino board for calendar books?