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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Work Station Wednesday - Marshmallows

This week's work stations are about marshmallows.  
Marshmallows are perfect for a camping or summer theme.

We combined marshmallows with our literacy work.
I also used the snap cubes that I talked about on Monday.

Our first activity involved putting the alphabet in the correct order.
I had some skewers in the cupboard and thought they would make perfect marshmallow sticks.
I attached a letter "marshmallow" to each snap cube and had the children thread them on the sticks.
Perfect fine motor work and they were easy to pick up.

Next we did some work on "missing letters".  The children had to find the marshmallow with the correct letter and place it on the card.  For some children I had cards with Velcro.

For other children I put the "marshmallows" on snap cubes so they were easier to manipulate.

 Next, we matched upper and lower case letters.

We then worked on word families.  Again I put the "marshmallows" on snap cubes and had the children put them on the sticks.

Once the children were finished, I had them read the words to me.

I put the word families on separate coloured snap cubes.  That way I could easily visually check to see if the children completed the task correctly.

The last game we played is a favorite.  Under one of the marshmallows is a picture of a piece of chocolate.  The children had to read the word first in order to look under the card.  The child who finds the chocolate is the winner.

I attached snap cubes to the corners of the cards so that the children could easily pick them up.

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