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Monday, July 27, 2015

Math Manipulative Monday - Pattern Blocks

This week I'm trying to get back to our regularly scheduled program so it's time for 
Math Manipulative Monday.

This week, it's pattern blocks.
I love pattern blocks because they are nice and chunky for children with poor fine motor skills and bright enough for my low vision kids.

You can also do so many things with them.

You can make patterns.

Start with a sample that they can cover.

Move on to extending the pattern.

Mirror images can be tricky.  Start with some filled in to help.

Then see if they can copy a shape.

The shapes can also be put together to make other shapes.  This activity is perfect for that type of exploration.

You can also play games.  
The children spin the spinner (dice are better for children with severe fine motor issues).

And cover that shape on their mat.

I hope I've given you some ideas about what you do with your pattern blocks.  Leave me a comment if you have another great idea for their use.


Gennie G said...

Where can I download those printables? My students would love them!

A Special Kind of Class said...

They came with the pattern blocks that I bought.