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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Work Station Wednesday - Forest Animals

It's work station Wednesday and I'm going to featuring some work station activities each week.
This week, I'm featuring forest animals.

This activity works on missing numbers.  I put Velcro on the blank spot so that the owls won't move when the children place them on the cards.  This reduces frustration when the children are working.  Children with poor fine motor control often have difficulty keeping pieces in place and can easily knock the pieces off of the cards.  

Patterning is the next activity we did.  The colourful cards made it easier for children with visual difficulties to see.

Next we did a memory game.  I had the children find the number card and match it with the correct number of animals.

When working on adding, I had the children roll a dice.  I find dice easier to use than spinners.  Spinners require fine motor control that a lot of my students don't have.  Dice can be placed in little hands and all they have to do is drop it.

Having the children place the correct number of mushrooms on either side of the rabbit, helps them visualize the concept.

I do use a response sheet for children that can print.  If children can't print, I often use number stickers or stamps.

Matching ten frames are next.  Ten frames are a great way to visualize numbers to ten.

Ordering numbers is another skill that we work on a lot.  I mix them up and have the children put them in the right order.

Our last activity is measuring.  I used mushroom strips and the children had to measure the trees and find out how tall they were.

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