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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Science Saturday - Ocean in a Bottle Flop

For this week's Science Saturday we decided to do an "ocean in a bottle".  I had seen a few examples on Pinterest and thought that it looked easy and stunning.

We started with the items we needed.  Oil, food colouring, a bottle and water.  The instructions said to fill the bottle 1/3 full.

Then add some food colouring.

So far, so good.

Then we were suppose to put in the oil.

We shook it up and tiny bubbles formed.

But it didn't really look very dramatic.

So we thought that maybe we didn't use enough oil.  We tried again with more oil.

This one looked better but the oil was very yellow.
It was interesting to see it separate again once we had mixed it up.

The children didn't think that it looked like an ocean. 

 This experiment got an unfavorable vote from the children.  Now to figure out what we did wrong.


Mary Bauer said...

I appreciate the honesty. Not every lesson goes the way we plan it.
Have a good week,
Artistry of Education

Erin Murphy said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with us!! It's so great to know I"m not the only one who has a lesson flop every once in a while!! I love that your kiddos got to vote about the activity when you were finished. They are the most honest of us all!!
Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I really enjoyed reading it!!

Kindergarten Dragons