Thursday, August 23, 2012

Therapeutic Thursday

Today is Therapeutic Thursday.  I found this really hard to blog about.  I mean, what DO I do to relax after teaching?  DO I relax?  Often in my spare time, I'm creating activities for my classroom and to sell on TpT. 
During the school year I'm a hockey mum.  I love watching my boys play.  Here they are from last year.  Yes, they are BOTH goalies, so I can't say that it's really relaxing to watch them.  Being a goalie parent is very stressful.
So when I do relax I like grab a Diet Pepsi (or my new favourite, Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi)

and curl up with a good book.

 How do you like to relax?  Head on over to Blog Hoppin' to find out how other teachers spend their down time.

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Karlie said...

Have you already read Divergent? I haven't started it, but it has been on my night stand for about 3 weeks. I need to get on that. I finally got the 3rd book in The Mortal Instruments series. So I really need to read that too...SOOO much to read...and I am not good about reading during the school year...New school year resolutions? What are you reading now?

We are ALL Special!

Ms. Rachel said...

ooh, I liked Divergent! Enjoy!

Ms. Rachel’s Room

Michelle Griffo said...

Diet coke is my favorite, but I haven't tried the cherry one! :)
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