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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fall No-Prep Math - Numbers 1 to 5

My Fall No-Prep has been updated and refreshed with all new graphics and fonts.  It includes 20 simple activities for your pre-K or K students that need practice with numbers 1 to 5.

 Click on the picture below to grab it .

Before you check out, head on over to the stores below to see what they are offering on their September items and be ahead of the game for the new school year.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Freebie Friday - Acorn Match

It's Freebie Friday again and this week I thought a offer a quick little alphabet matching game for your literacy work stations.

Print, laminate and cut out.  Then have the children match the uppercase to the lowercase letter.

Have a happy Friday.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Science Saturday - Fizzy colours

Since we have been talking about colours this week, I thought this fizzy colours experiment was perfect.

You will need:

baking soda
food colouring
an eye dropper or syringe
flat dish

Add vinegar to the cups and add a few drops of food colouring to each one.

Put a layer of baking soda on a flat dish.

Use the syringe or eye dropper to pick up some of the colour and drop it on the baking soda.
See what happens.

Experiment with different colours.

The children wanted to do it again and again.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Freebie Friday - Dog's Colorful Day

I can't believe it's Friday again.  Where is the time going?

This week I'm offering one of the lessons in my Colourful Dog Activities for free.  
This is day 2's lesson. As you read the story, have the children colour in a spot on the dog.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Work Station Wednesday - Dog's Colourful Day

It's work station Wednesday and I thought I would highlight one of my favourite books for the beginning of the year.

"Dog's Colorful Day" by Emma Dodd.

Now this dog goes about his day, getting a new spot on his body for every item he runs into.  It's perfect for working on colours and numbers.

When I do this book, I read it to the children every day and each day we work on a different skill.

I believe that it's very important to work on sentence structure with my non-verbal students as well as my verbal students.

This activity is perfect for that.  As we read each page, I have the children make the sentence "Now Dog has _____ spots.", changing the number each time.  I think it's important for the children to move the words to form the sentence, so that they realize that sentences are made up of individual words.

I love this activity.  As we read the story, I have the children put the correct coloured spot on the dog and put the number of spots in the box.

This activity also works on forming sentences.  We talk about what item is on dog.

As we move through the week, the sentences become more complex.  By now, we've read the book quite a few times and we talk about the object and the colour.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Testing Tuesday - Printing

Today's testing Tuesday is about printing skills.

I like to keep track of the children's printing skills throughout the year.  

Since a lot of my students have speech as their primary goal, most of my students come in with some printing skills but I do have children each year that have fine motor issues and we spend a lot of time working to improve their skills.

I needed a way to keep track of their progress and I came up with this little booklet.
This is a wonderful tool to show to parents.  
It really is amazing to see how far the children come.

Each year I have children who can't even print their name when they arrive and others who are already printing letters and drawing detailed pictures.

This book keeps everything in place and keeps me accountable each month.

I start by having the children colour in their title page. I have girl and boy covers and have ones that are already coloured in.

In the first week of school I have the children fill out each section of the month sheet.  
They print their name.

The numbers 0 to 10.

A self-portrait.

And the alphabet.
For some children, I want to know what they know, and I have them print from memory. 
For other children, I have them copy what I put on the board.
You can jot a little note on the page if you want to remember if you had them copy.

At some point during the first week of each month, I have them fill out their book again.  
I often do this in a small group setting.

As the months progress, I have them print some words, and even a sentence if they can.

It's all kept in one nice little booklet.  During parent/teacher interviews, I can pull them out and parents can see their child's progress.