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Friday, July 18, 2014

The Daily 5 - Chapter 9 and a Freebie

This is the final chapter of the Daily 5 book.  If you don't have the book, you can still pick up the book below and go back and follow the book study from the beginning.

Chapter 9 is all about returning to your core beliefs.  

A big part of the chapter is about barometer children (those children that have trouble attending) and how to support them in building stamina.  

The sisters outline 4 levels of support:

Level 1: Reflection
You need to take a look at yourself and make sure that it’s not something you, yourself are doing to set off the barometer child.

Level 2: Extra support
Have the child stay in for a few minutes each day at recess to practice the most desirable behaviours.

Level 3: In-class modifications
Provide the child with sand timers and small manipulatives and a carpet square or laundry basket.  

The carpet square or laundry basket is to give the child a visual and physical reminder of their space and where they need to stay. I have some of these squares that fit together.  You can make the size different depending on the child's need.

The sand timers are to work on stamina.  Start with one minute timers and increase to two or three minute timers as the child’s stamina increases.

The manipulatives are to give the child a brain break without having them disturb the rest of the class.  They must stay on their square.

I made a stamina chart that you can pick up for free.  The children can use it to keep track of their stamina.  The visual will help some children. Click on the picture to grab it.

Level 4: Gradual release of in-class modifications

This level involves checking in on the child in-between working with the other children.

Following these 4 levels should allow even your most needest child some success.

Thanks for following along over the past few weeks.   I hope we have inspired you to try the Daily 5 or given you new ideas if you are already a Daily 5 user.

For more Chapter 9 ideas, click on any of the buttons below.

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