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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Work Station Wednesday - Calendar book printables

Work Station Wednesday is here and I wanted to highlight the printable portion of my calendar book. Last week was the interactive calendar book for my students that don't have the ability to print on these pages. 
I will often mix and match the pages between the two, depending on the skills of my students.

This is the calendar page.  At the beginning of the month we trace the month name. 

Each day we trace the number of the day.  I also have a calendar that just has the first and last number on it.  The rest is blank so that my printers can have practice printing the numbers without the dots.

We then do one row of tracing.  At the beginning of the year we start with simple lines.

And then move on to uppercase letters, lowercase letters and then numbers. 

We check the weather and fill in our weather graph.  At the end of the month we analyze it.

At the beginning of the year we colour in one square for each day we are in school.  When we get to 100 we have a party.

After our 100th day, we change to tally's and put one line for each day until the end of the year.  As we fill in each box, we count by 5's.

The kids love the domino page.  I usually add this page later in the year.  I pull a domino out of a bag and hide one side.  I have the children count the dots and copy them on their page.  We repeat for the other side.  I then have them put the matching numbers for the equation on the right.  They then add them up.

This is another page I add later in the year, once the children are better at printing.

I have a large pocket chart clock on the wall.  I put a time on it and the children find the matching clock and colour it in.  As the children get better, I have a page that is missing the hands and the children have to print them in.  I also have one with the missing digital time and they have to print it in.  When they are good at that, we move on the 1/2 hour.

Subitizing is also something we work on.  I show the children a card with dots and have them colour in the matching number. 

I pick a shape each day and have the children colour in the one I call.  Once they are good at that, I add more shapes of different sizes.  I then have them colour in the "big circle", etc.  Once they have mastered 2D shapes, we move on to 3D shapes.

Patterns are the last thing we work on .  At the beginning of the year we work on AB patterns and then work on more complicated ones as the year progresses.

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