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About Me/Contact

My name is Mandy and I have been teaching special education for the past 25 years.  I teach a self-contained class of children with speech and/or physical disabilities.  I work side by side with a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and speech therapist.  I hope that you will find inspiration in my blog to teach even your most neediest student.  I welcome all comments, suggestions and questions.  I will try and help if I can.  You can reach me at aspecialkindofclass@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Glad to find you. I am an OT who collaborates with an SLP and teacher to plan activities for students at our center based school. We would like to share what we do and get feedback from others working with the same kinds of students. Please take a look at us

iintegratetechnology said...

Love that I found your blog! Look forward to learning many things from you!


Tami said...

Where did you find your plant measurement worksheets? I teach a self-contained classroom and do a plant unit every year and would love for them to have a place to record the plant growth.

A Special Kind of Class said...

Hi Tami,
I made the worksheets. If you send me your email I will send them to you.


Anonymous said...

I am very interested in the forms, etc., you use during your calendar time. Are these available anywhere for purchase? Thanks so much . . . I've really enjoyed reading and look forward to using many of your awesome ideas!

Primary Possibilities said...

Great!! I love your blog!!

Bonnie Benson said...

Thanks for your blog. This is my first year as a lead teacher in a multiple disabilities classroom. There are so many gen ed blogs but few for the population I teach. I'll be following your blog a lot this year!

Kim @ Mrs. Hs Resource Room said...

I love following your blog! It is one of my go to blogs. If you are ever interested in having a guest blogger, I would love to write for you or vice versa!!

Anonymous said...

Hey~ great blog - tried to comment once but not sure it worked...I am new at this! I also work in an exceptional class and started a blog based on the use of the SMARTboard in this class. The possibilities for the use of the SMARTboard and my students learning have been endless. So each day I post a new activity which is theme based and is free to download. Check us out - Love what you are doing can't wait to follow you.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful site!!!! Do you have to write "I can" statements ?

Unknown said...

So glad that I found your blog! I teach K-2 emotional support with a wide variety of needs. The ideas and activities on your site will be so useful with my differentiation for my class! Thank you!

Unknown said...

I'm taking an online course on Social Networking in Education. Part of the course assignment is to find Blogs for our field! I'm an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher. You have a great blog!

Unknown said...

Hi Mandy,

This is Mary from DialMyCalls. I wanted to followup on my last email.
We, at DialMyCalls, love your site and were wondering if you offer any kind of advertising options. Possibly sponsored posts or banner ads.
Thousands of teachers are already using our DialMyCalls service. We think DialMyCalls would be the perfect match with your audience. We could even give away our service for free if you wanted to
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Either way we are up for anything you have available, please let me know.

I look forward to hearing back from you,