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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bright Ideas April

Welcome to another Bright Ideas Link Up!

My tip is something I think a lot of people do but maybe you don't realize it.

The other day I was in Walmart.  I very often stop in there before work.  Our Walmart opens at 7am and I love going in there without kids while it's not busy.

Now I'm always on the look out for a deal.  I mean, what teacher isn't?  You know you're a teacher when you get excited by a sale.

So Easter was what? One? Two weeks ago?  I was keeping my eye on the left overs, but the sales weren't all that good yet.

Well, lo and behold, the other day, everything Easter was 75% off.  What a steal!
This was what I came home with.
I think it cost me just a little over $6.

Originally I thought "Score! I'll have some new items for Easter next year."  But then I thought, why not use some of items before Easter for different themes or projects.

These cute little bunnies are suppose to be Jacks, but I think they will make perfect counters.
They would fit in with a farm theme.
The set ended up being 25 cents.

These little bins ended up being 50 cents for 3.  I picked up a few different colours because I thought they would be perfect for sorting and counting.

Turns out, the bunnies fit in them nicely. 

I had picked up one of these tic tac toe games earlier in the season at regular price.  Now it was 50 cents.

The X's and O's are removable and again the duck would work with other themes other than Easter.

I was thinking that the X's and O's could be used separately as a tic tac toe game by drawing a grid on a piece of paper.  Or they could used as a patterning or sorting game.

These gummy bunnies are so cool.  They are stretchy and would be perfectly as a fidget toy. 

I was also thinking that we could use them for measuring.

This was a biggest item I bought at $3.50.  I don't know if I can wait until next Easter to try it.  I might have to break it out for a craft project before that.

So, I hope I have inspired you to think outside the box when you are looking at the sale racks after the holidays.  You never know what you will find.

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Jayne Gammons said...

Great ideas and pics. Thanks for sharing! Jayne
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