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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring blends - No Prep

It looks like spring is finally here.  

Our playground is open and we were able to get outside to play without snowpants.

We are moving on to blends for our word work.  I love these sheets because the children can be independent doing them while I work with a small group.  They are an excellent tool for me assessing their knowledge afterwards, as I can gauge pretty quickly who has "got it" and who hasn't.

It doesn't hurt that we are also working on fine motor skills with the cutting and pasting.  This is also great for my students that don't have any printing skills.  No printing involved.

I had the children colour in the pictures on the right.

Then they cut them out.

Once that was done, they glued the pictures starting with the blend on the bear's tummy, in the box at the top.

For this activity the children had to put the correct flower on the stem.

We cut out the flowers.

and then we glued the flowers on the stem with the correct blend.

Then we coloured them in.

Spring blends will be on sale for 1/2 price until Friday.

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