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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Testing Tuesday - Printing

Today's testing Tuesday is about printing skills.

I like to keep track of the children's printing skills throughout the year.  

Since a lot of my students have speech as their primary goal, most of my students come in with some printing skills but I do have children each year that have fine motor issues and we spend a lot of time working to improve their skills.

I needed a way to keep track of their progress and I came up with this little booklet.
This is a wonderful tool to show to parents.  
It really is amazing to see how far the children come.

Each year I have children who can't even print their name when they arrive and others who are already printing letters and drawing detailed pictures.

This book keeps everything in place and keeps me accountable each month.

I start by having the children colour in their title page. I have girl and boy covers and have ones that are already coloured in.

In the first week of school I have the children fill out each section of the month sheet.  
They print their name.

The numbers 0 to 10.

A self-portrait.

And the alphabet.
For some children, I want to know what they know, and I have them print from memory. 
For other children, I have them copy what I put on the board.
You can jot a little note on the page if you want to remember if you had them copy.

At some point during the first week of each month, I have them fill out their book again.  
I often do this in a small group setting.

As the months progress, I have them print some words, and even a sentence if they can.

It's all kept in one nice little booklet.  During parent/teacher interviews, I can pull them out and parents can see their child's progress.

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