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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Work Station Wednesday - Dog's Colourful Day

It's work station Wednesday and I thought I would highlight one of my favourite books for the beginning of the year.

"Dog's Colorful Day" by Emma Dodd.

Now this dog goes about his day, getting a new spot on his body for every item he runs into.  It's perfect for working on colours and numbers.

When I do this book, I read it to the children every day and each day we work on a different skill.

I believe that it's very important to work on sentence structure with my non-verbal students as well as my verbal students.

This activity is perfect for that.  As we read each page, I have the children make the sentence "Now Dog has _____ spots.", changing the number each time.  I think it's important for the children to move the words to form the sentence, so that they realize that sentences are made up of individual words.

I love this activity.  As we read the story, I have the children put the correct coloured spot on the dog and put the number of spots in the box.

This activity also works on forming sentences.  We talk about what item is on dog.

As we move through the week, the sentences become more complex.  By now, we've read the book quite a few times and we talk about the object and the colour.

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